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Veterans List

Last Name First Name Branch Service Information
Woody James C. Air Force Also served in the Arkansas Air National Guard during WWII and retired as a CMSgt
Woody Jimmy Dale Air Force 1954-57
Woosley Joe Army Served in the Chemical Corps during WWII and Korea
Worley James Army Vietnam and Korea 1953-77
Wright James Army Military Police in Korea
Wright John Air Force Vietnam
Wright Lewis Navy Also served in the US Army from 1942-46
Wright Wayne Air Force Korea and Vietnam from 1952-76
Yeakley Bobby Air National Guard Arkansas Air National Guard from 1954-62
Yocum Kenneth Navy Kenneth Harold Yocum enlisted in the U.S. Navy on June 29, 1964 for a 4 year term of service. By July, 1964, he was at the U.S. Naval Training Center in San Diego, CA, then was assigned to the Great Lakes Naval Station. He was trained at the Machinist's Mate "A" School from 10/12/64 to 1/15/65. Home base assignment was at the Newport, Rhode Island Naval Station. His predominant service was aboard the U.S.S. Cascade in the Mediterranean, where on Apr. 7, 1966 he was present when that ship recovered one of four hydrogen bombs that had been lost in those waters on Jan. 16, 1966 when a B-53 bomber collided with a KC-135 tanker off the coast of Palomeras, Spain. Two bombs exploded upon impact and one was never recovered. The Cascade transported the unexploded bomb back to Newport, Rhode Island, then returned to the Mediterranean to resume its service there. After being released from service aboard the Cascade, Kenneth was assigned to the USS Vesole, which according to some reports, was called a "tub". His rank at that time was "MM3". This was his last assignment before release from active duty on May 20, 1968. Two more years were spent in the Naval Reserve. He was awarded a National Defense Service Medal and was honorably discharged on July 2, 1970. He was proud to be a veteran.